B & C Coaching


We specialize in oral communication since speaking the language is the challenge most people face.

We only offer private part-time training as years of experience have shown us that shorter training periods are more efficient and more cost-effective.

Our teachers love what they do and excel at it so they will adapt their teaching to your learning style and personality in order to help you get the results you need.

They will challenge your limits to take you out of your comfort zone so that you can speak at ease and as naturally and spontaneously as possible.

One-On-One Training


It is the best way to meet your language goals.

Whether you prepare for the written and/or oral tests of the PSC or you are shy, introvert or just not at ease to speak in front of people, one-on-one training will allow us to tailor the training to your specific strengths and weaknesses and give you the confidence to speak comfortably inside and outside of the classroom.

Small Groups


Our small groups (max. 6 people) are a cost-effective way to get you closer to achieving your language goals.

We offer beginners and conversation groups (intermediate and advanced).

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Your success is our number one priority!

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