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Push Up When Life Pushes You Down

Try and Thrive

In this book, Vanessa Rocket will show you how taking a chance on you can change your life. Life is hard and pushes you down. People put you down and tell you that you can’t or won’t accomplish anything. In this book, you will see how Vanessa Rocket pushed up and created success in her life despite all the naysayers and obstacles she encountered along the way.

This book will not only give you hope for a better future, but it will also show you that you too can create success in your life.

First, you must try.

Then, you will thrive.

 Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Languissimo®, financial education coach, and author of ‘Voulez-vous parler français avec moi?’ and ‘Would You Like To Speak English with Me?’. Vanessa is also a former Olympic athlete!