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Advance your career by speaking French and English!

Focus on Speaking

The Languissimo® method prepares you for the real world in the workplace and in social gatherings. Our primary focus is to help you pass the oral test of the PSC as well as help you interact in any given situation.

Learn Faster

Our language training methods are proven to yield faster results than traditional learning methods. We can help you reach your language learning goals faster!

1 on 1 Training

We offer private 1 on 1 language training to accelerate progress with a personalized solution that will help you get to where you want to be.


At Languissimo®, you are at the core of our teaching so your success is our number one priority! We tailor the training to deliver the output you desire.

Learn Why Languissimo® Is the Top Language Learning School in the Ottawa Region

Languissimo® is a language school in Ottawa which teaches French and English as second languages. We are located on Queen street next to the Hilton Hotel and Holiday Inn just a few steps from OC Transpo bus stops. On top of having years of experience teaching French and English, we have a great passion for it. At Languissimo®, you are at the core of our teaching so your success is our number one priority! Our unique method, tools and services are designed to really meet your particular needs so come and “speak” it for yourself!

What people are saying about Languissimo®

I retained the services of Languissimo® to help me achieve my B levels in 2016. I would have no hesitation in recommending Languissimo® to others and I plan to utilize their services again should I need it to obtain my C levels in French.

You are in good hands at Languissimo®!!

Priya. J

Languissimo® Student

I find Languissimo® has a more focused, creative, individual and practical method of language training. For me, the supportive staff together with excellent course material and creative tools made learning both challenging and fun. Languissimo® took an individual approach to my needs and treated me like a number — a “NUMBER ONE” that is – and that, I find, truly refreshing.

Fay B.

Languissimo® Student

I took French training for 3 months to prepare for the oral. The school used simple and concise ways to direct my conversations. I got a lot of nuances and confidence and passed the exam. I will definitely go to Languissimo® if I need to take the exam again!

Ivy Y.

Languissimo® Student

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