Pass the Government Tests.

Participate in the most effective and communicative way to successfully pass the tests!







Meet your language goals. Guaranteed.

We will coach you so that you can pass your language proficiency tests successfully. Our simple yet efficient communicative approach will take you where you need to go and beyond. Whether you need help with writing, reading or oral testing, our teachers will support you all the way until you have reached your goals!

The best language training and coaching for you.


We will do whatever it takes to help you pass the government tests successfully.


We help you communicate as efficiently and successfully as possible.


We will accommodate your training/coaching to your needs and your busy schedule.

My teacher has a great ability to get to know and connect with the students. For me, she has created a space where I can improve my ability to converse in French, improve my vocabulary and grammar in an engaging, fun manner. She is encouraging, patient, flexible and accommodating.

Velshi Rumina,
President and CEO

Frequently asked questions.

Where will my classes take place?

Since March 2020, all of our classes have been held online via virtual platforms. Together with your teacher, you will decide on one that works for both of you.

How many hours will I need to succeed?

It really depends on you. The more hours you can dedicate to your learning (inside and outside the “classroom”), the faster you will achieve your goal(s)! Our teachers will be there to assist you with anything you’ll need along the way.

How do you prepare for the test(s)?

Our communicative approach is the best way to prepare you for the oral test as speaking will be the focal point of your preparation. As far as written tests are concerned, a more strategic approach will be adopted to meet your needs and timeframe. Rest assured that we will do all that we can to prepare you for the test(s).

I don't work regular hours. Can you accommodate my work schedule?

Of course, we can and we will! We will find a solution that works for you. Guaranteed!

I'm an introvert. How can you help me?

We love working with people like you because you are usually very good but haven’t been given the chance to confidently express yourself. Our one-on-one classes will be the perfect setting to help you do that. Our teachers will be there to guide you as you gain confidence and start opening up.

Pass the Government Tests.

Participate in the most effective and communicative way to successfully pass the tests!