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Our Online French Tutoring classes will help you overcome the challenges you face in school or on your way to college/cegep.



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When and where are my classes held?

They are held online via virtual platforms, and we will decide together which one you’ll want to use. They are held at a convenient time that works for you. We’ll decide together on days and times that accommodate you best.

Do you offer in-person tutoring?

We don’t as we have discovered how effective and fun online classes can be. In addition, online classes allow for a more flexible schedule by saving time on traveling so that you can stay safe and focus on your lessons.

How many hours will I need to succeed?

It will depend on your needs and difficulties and your learning pace. Some grasp concepts longer than others and it’s okay. You will get there eventually, and we’ll be there when that happens. We will work together with you to ensure that you succeeds as fast and with as much fun as possible.

How will tutoring help me?

There is a good chance that the one-on-one attention that you will get is what you need to build your confidence and overcome the struggles you are facing. To be able to tailor you tutoring to your needs is what’s going to set you for success.

What subjects can you help me with?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch us and ask us what you need help with and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.