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Pass the Public Service Commission Tests.

Participate in the most effective and communicative way to successfully pass the tests!


Public Service Commission Test Preparation

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How many hours will I need to succeed?

It depends on you and your level. It might take longer for one student than for
another. Overall, our communication approach has helped most of our students
succeed in less than 100 hours.

How do you prepare for the tests?

Our communicative approach is the best way to prepare for the oral test which is the
test you will struggle the most with. As far as written tests are concerned, a more
strategic and customized approach will be adopted to meet your needs and
timeframe. Rest assured that we will do everything to prepare you and make your
next tests a success!


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How many hours will my child/teen need to succeed?

It will depend on your child/teen’s needs and difficulties and their learning pace.
Some grasp concepts longer than others and it’s okay. They will get there eventually,
and we’ll be there when that happens. We will work together with you to ensure that
your child/teen succeeds as fast and with as much fun as possible.

How will tutoring help my child/teen?

There is a good chance that the one-on-one attention that your child/teen will get is
what your child/teen needs to build their confidence and overcome the struggles
they are facing. To be able to tailor your child/teen’s tutoring to their needs is what’s
going to set them for success.

Group Classes

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How many hours will I need to speak fluently?

It depends on how much the time you can dedicate to learning and practicing.
Everyone is different and learns at a different pace. Just give yourself some time and practice and you’ll be surprised how fast you can speak!

How can I practice what I learn in class?

Ideally, the best thing would be to go out there and try and practice in real life
activities as much as you can. Otherwise, you can listen to movies, read books online
and join online or in-person conversation groups. There are lots of free resources out
there available to you.